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Melanie Jones – Physical therapy for low back pain

I injured my back a few weeks ago to the point where I could not walk. The physiotherapist at Chinook Rehab Center SW Calgary provided the treatment, support and the exercise program that I needed to recover quickly and get back on my feet asap. His strategic yet sympathetic approach was exactly the motivation and support I needed to facilitate a speedy recovery. I cannot thank him enough. I’m lucky to have this clinic in my locality.

Casper Garcia – Neck and Back Rehab

I have seen many Physiotherapists in my time, but physio in Chinook Rehab Center certainly stands out with his knowledge, passion for what he does, thoroughly explaining treatments, as well as providing injury prevention exercises that work wonders. I've booked appointments without any notice and have had nothing but support. Receptionists are always bubbly and respectful when I arrive for my appointment!  Definitely highly recommend the physio as he has helped me immensely towards achieving full range of movement in my neck and back and towards a speedy recovery.

Sukhjit – Heel Pain Recovery

This is a first-class service. I highly recommend Chinook Rehab Center if you require anything physio related. The physiotherapist at Chinook Rehab Center is highly professional and has a wealth of knowledge that has helped me get back to health as quickly as possible regarding heel pain that bothered me for a period of time. Thanks for your help mate. My heel is as good as ever.

Allan Lam – Sports Injury Rehab

Far and away the best Physio I’ve seen. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. I can’t recommend the physiotherapist at Chinook Rehab Center enough - not only does he get me back on my feet quickly, he’s given me insight to the cause of my sports injury and how to avoid recurring problems.

Sarah Joanna – Migraine Relief

I've suffered from migraines for over ten year. Since seeing the physiotherapist of Chinook Rehab Center I haven't had another migraine and no longer suffer from the neck and back pain that used to affect me daily. Very grateful!!

Nadia Khan – Vestibular Treatment

I have been having treatment at Chinook Rehab center for a couple of days, all the staff are warm, friendly and professional and make you feel totally comfortable. The vestibular treatment was extremely mind blowing. The physiotherapist is very experienced, and I've been 100% happy with my treatment. Highly recommended.

Adi Tankasala – Motor Vehicle Accident Rehab

I always receive first class treatment at Chinook Rehab Center. They fixed me back into shape after enduring a hideous motor vehicle accident. I have recommended them to colleagues and friends and have used them for a range of services including rehabilitation and podiatry. Very convenient location. Best yet in SW Calgary.

Everton Hughes – Professional Staff. Best treatment for low back pain

Cannot fault Chinook Rehab Center. Everyone is exceptionally professional, knowledgeable and most importantly caring. No injury or niggle is too big or too small and I always have a positive outcome whether it be any type of treatment i receive. I have always walked out feeling better than when I walked in. People working there always remembers returning clients and greets you with a big friendly smile. Will always highly recommend Chinook Rehab Center.

Narendra – Knee Surgery Rehab

Chinook Rehab Center by the Chinook Mall in SW Calgary is my absolute favourite! I had a knee surgery couple of days ago and worked with the physiotherapist there to successfully rehabilitate. The physio at Chinook Rehab center is attentive, informed, and really takes your concerns seriously. You genuinely feel like you are in good hands, and you will leave equipped with a much better understanding of your body and how to keep it happy and healthy! I love the separation between manual and exercise physio, it means that they are really able to tailor a program to suit you and your specific needs.

Suman – Massage Therapy in SW Calgary

I have been going for regular physio and massage at Chinook Rehab Center and its equally amazing! I have had many a remedial massage, but Chinook Rehab Center was outstanding. They treat the problems, rather than the symptoms, and genuinely care about their patient's wellbeing. If you are looking for an intense but deeply restorative massage- Chinook rehab center is your go to!

To top it off, all of the staff there are an absolute delight to deal with, so it makes the entire experience a very enjoyable one, despite being there due to injury.

I feel like I have found the dream team in Chinook Rehab Center - could not recommend them more highly!

Dominic Kacmar – Sports Massage

Just had a one-hour remedial massage at the Chinook Rehab Center in preparation for a certain sports event at the weekend. The hands-on treatment was second to none. Their service is one of the best I ever had. I'm so happy that I got to visit these incredible professionals. Highly recommend this place

Canold – Jaw Rehab

I needed a small operation in my jaw. Luckily, I found Chinook rehab center, Calgary. The physiotherapist was extremely patient and professional. The entire process was relaxing and painless. I can't get more lucky myself. Highly recommended!

Patrick Fede – Professional Staff and cure for low back pain

Chinook Rehab Center is exactly what you are looking for in a physiotherapy experience. The front office staff are warm and well organized. The therapists themselves are thorough, kind and have a real interest in the wellbeing of their clients. Highly recommend these wonderful and professional people.

Juni Martin – Urgent Physio in SW Calgary

I was down in Calgary on business purpose and recently a recurring injury for me required urgent treatment. I googled Physiotherapy clinics and fortunately for me Chinook Rehab Center came up. It was across the road from where I was staying. I met the very professional therapist who treated my aliments. I have been going to see Physios on and off for chronic sporting injuries. The physio's systematic, thorough and professional approach was outstanding! Even to the extent of emailing details of the treatment. Thanks team Chinook rehab center.

Joe Odebode – Lower Back Pain Rehab

I was most impressed with the team at Chinook rehab center. They are friendly, down to earth and most of all REALLY know their stuff and can explain everything you need to know about what's going on with your body on many levels during your recovery. After having my lower back basically collapse on itself, I went through a solid rehabilitation process and can now say I'm feeling confident in my body again both generally and in exercise.

Physiotherapist especially was great to work with, he is clear and concise about what he aims to achieve each session, is extremely thorough and even offered support whilst I was overseas. And he's a good guy! Always great for a bit of a chat during the session.

The front desk staff are always warm and friendly, I really recommend the team to anyone in need of rehab, be it big or small.

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