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Your shoulder pain, or rotator cuff injury, can be a result from a variety of reasons.

Whether you have damaged your rotator cuff because you were a little too overzealous at touch football on Sunday, weeding the garden, painting the house, or simply sleeping in the wrong position we can get you back to doing the things you want to, without pain.

Rotator Cuff injury

The most common symptom of rotator cuff tear arthropathy is pain in and around the shoulder. The pain can also radiate into your neck or arm, and even into your wrist or hand.

The pain is usually worse at night and can interrupt your sleep, especially if you try to sleep on the affected shoulder.

The shoulder is often particularly painful when trying to lift the arm, or rotate it outward. If untreated, the pain can be severe and nearly continuous.

Shoulder injury signs

Weakness of the shoulder due to arthropathy makes it difficult, and nearly impossible, to lift the arm overhead. Often even starting the lifting motion can be difficult and for this reason, the tendency is to shrug your shoulder upwards in order to be able to lift the arm part of the way.

Over time, the weakness of the rotator cuff muscles gets worse and range of motion can become quite limited. Routine things, like reaching behind your back, reaching into a cabinet, or combing your hair become difficult.

You may notice a crackling or popping sensation coming from your shoulder blade area, which develops due to the altered mechanics in this area of the shoulder. When there is arthritis of the glenohumeral joint, there is often an associated creaking or grating sound inside the joint.

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Our team will discuss your history with you and determine how the injury occurred. We may suggest a variety of treatment options such as Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage or Shockwave treatment.

We may also suggest different sleeping positions, or exercises to help, depending on your injury.

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