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By Activating the Energy Pathways in Your Body Our Acupuncturist Can Relieve Chronic Pain, Migraines, Help You Quit Smoking, and Even Alleviate Depression

Our bodies are filled with these things called meridians. Think of them like the electrical wiring in your house. When those energy pathways aren’t operating properly your lights might go out or your appliances won’t work. 

In traditional Chinese medicine these meridians or energy pathways play a central part in our overall health and wellbeing. If your meridians are blocked or imbalanced health problems can occur. That’s where acupuncture comes into play. By sending a signal to the brain via a needle acupuncture communicates to the brain that either the energy in a certain area needs to be lowered or raised. Doing so helps address the imbalances in your body and helps relieve chronic pain, heal migraines or headaches, help you quit smoking, or treat depression.

Registered Acupuncturist in SW Calgary Specializing in the Treatment of the Following Issues:

  • Lung illnesses (asthma / allergies)
  • Smoking cessation
  • Increasing willpower
  • Decreasing stress and anxiety
  • Improving immune systems
  • Indigestion and constipation
  • Improving kidney and heart functioning
  • Hypertension
  • Sciatica
  • Infertility
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Depression
  • Boosting breathing
  • Palliative support
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Health maintenance 


Different Types of Acupuncture

Body Acupuncture

When you think of acupuncture this is most likely what you're picturing. Small needles inserted into certain points and meridians along the body that regulate the flow of energy and enhance healing.

Ear Acupuncture

According to traditional Chinese Medicine the ear contains acupuncture points that can heal every area within your body. That's why many acupuncturists focus their treatments in the ear, using the same needles as they would for the body, whether on its own or together with body acupuncture points. 


One of the best acupuncture methods for treating pain, electroacupuncture uses small clips on top of regular acupuncture needles to send an electric current in between two acupuncture needle points. The extra stimulation at times improves the flow of energy between the two points, helping heal your pain.


Exploiting the knowledge of acupuncture points and meridians, acupressure pinpoints these same areas to help heal pain, but uses massage therapy and pressure instead of inserting a needle. Often times acupuncturists will actually teach their patients the proper areas, since they can then perform the treatment themselves at home. 


This treatment utilizes the healing properties of heat by placing small amounts of herbs on top of body acupuncture needles and igniting them, giving the area an extra boost of warmth.


Usually done in conjunction with acupuncture, cupping uses rubber or glass cups that are suctioned onto specific areas of the body. This can help when traditional body acupuncture needs a little extra push when energy along a certain meridian has become stagnant. Although cupping can leave marks on the body where the cup has been placed, these are simply temporary and dissipate a few days after treatment.


Benefits of Acupuncture

  • Acupuncture may be a better alternative to surgery
  • It may alleviate the need for pharmaceuticals
  • It can assist in re-establishing your body’s healthy equilibrium and functions
  • Acupuncture is an effective “preventive” medicine
  • Help increase odds of conceiving a child if you struggle with fertility
  • Acupuncture may reduce pain and discomfort
  • It can improve your immune system
  • Acupuncture can help relieve some of the stresses of life
  • It offers a deep sense of relaxation
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